HP has done a great job overall on this product, from the camera esthetics, packaging, to the leather carrying case.

Get the performance of a full-size camera in a fraction of the size. With uncompromising image quality, performance, and a complete software solution for capturing, editing and sharing your photos, the HP Photosmart Mobile Camera allows you to turn your HP iPAQ Pocket PC into a mobile digital imaging center. Produce great 4 x 6 snapshots with 1.3 MP total resolution and 4x digital zoom, or capture video clips with audio to playback on your iPAQ Pocket PC or your desktop computer.

Snap a photo and share the image with your friends and family - either from your iPAQ Pocket PC or from your desktop computer. Send your photos in an email, create an album on the web, or share them directly by sending them over Bluetooth to another iPAQ Pocket PC. Using the HP Mobile Printing software, print pictures directly from your iPAQ Pocket PC to a wide array of Bluetooth, infrared or network printers.

The HP Photosmart Mobile Camera gives you the best photo available - no need to adjust the light levels, shutter speeds or exposure times. On your iPAQ Pocket PC or on your desktop PC, create slideshows of your digital images complete with sounds and transition effects. Make it permanent by creating a photo CD to share your memories with friends and family.

1.3 MP total resolution and 4x digital zoom

Direct printing from Pocket PC via Bluetooth technology, WLAN or IR

Capture still images and add audio messages, or capture video with audio
Automatic image unload from Pocket PC to desktop

Instant Review allows you to quickly review and decide whether to keep an image the moment you take it

Edit and resize images with HP Photo Center software

Integrated photo sharing over the web on HPphoto.com

Articulating lens design - full 180 degree lens rotation and range of focus control
1-bit SDIO interface

Easy to use

The camera itself looks awesome, it was solidly constructed. Two thumbs up to HP for including one of the best leather cases that I have ever seen them include with anything iPAQ related.

The protective leather case is a pleasant surprise considering some of the cases HP has featured with some of its iPAQ Pocket PC models. It features excellent quality leather case with a strong magnetized lid, foamed padding inside to prevent the camera from shifting around, and a belt loop.

The Camera lens has an adjustable focus ring, but so far I am finding tough to get the focus dead on if my iPAQ's screen isn't at its brightest setting. Other than that, with the full brightness on, it is a piece a cake focusing, but it will also drain your battery faster.

When taking pictures, I have found that you have to hold your iPAQ very still for a few moments while the image is captured otherwise pictures will seem a bit jagged.

If you have to take action shots, you might not like to hear this. There is no ISO shutter speed setting, so action shots will not show up as the greatest pictures.

The Image Transfer Application will allow you to ActiveSync the pictures that you have taken directly to a folder that will be created in the "My Pictures" folder on your PC.

If you use the highest resolution and the best compression, the picture size will be of 3.52MB. Please note that the larger the picture files, the longer it will take to ActiveSync to your PC.

Aside from the obvious camera use, it also has video settings available. You can record video's of 320X240 or 160X120.

This is HP's second digital camera in media card format (some of you may remember the CompactFlash camera that HP had for the Jornada which was HP's first), and HP's first digital camera in Secure Digital Input Output format.

sample :


In terms of picture quality, this is so far the best digital camera solution for anyone who wants one on their iPAQ Pocket PC. The HP Photosmart Mobile Camera beats the current VGA Secure Digital and CompactFlash camera's currently available.

In terms of wow factor, this definately does do that! It has a very sleek and sexy design matching the finishing of the iPAQ's.

Would I make this my primary digital camera? Not yet, if HP can tweak the megapixels from 1.3 to 3 to 6 megapixels - then the answer would more likely be a yes, but this is definately a great start by HP and I am quite pleased with it overall.

Best Regards!