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Thread: Which OS would you vote for ?

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    I am using a macbook pro and have a mac os x lion and a windows 7 64 bit running on parallels.

    Though I have made the switch to an apple machine for about 3 years already, I still can't give up the windows operating system because much of my work related stuff are still on it. Even the systems I develop are natively running on windows, still.

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    Exclamation Apple Myths

    Betamax was not better. This is one of the great Apple associated myths. VHS won out for one very simple reason - when Beta was fast forwarding or rewinding the tape was still in contact with the head unit, this greatly reduced tape life and so people chose the better system VHS.
    Same with Apple, I used Apple 2, Apple 2e, original Mac, first iMac have been using computers longer than most of you have been alive. Dumped Apple for a simple reason - when I buy a piece of technology I own it I do not have it on permanent lease from the maker. Apple are a bunch of control freaks - they tell you waht you can have in your system, they control who can provide software, they specify who can fix it.
    With IBM PCs I can do everything - upgrade it myself both hardware and software, simple, easy. This is waht led the growth of IBM compatable PCs. Companies and individuals had far, far more control over their systems - they were not being controlled by a meglomaniacal company!
    Same Apple does not create anything new - Texas instruents and MIT developed the first GUI bak in the early 70s. Apple just sto;e it and claimed it as their own. Aplle do noy and have never invented anything. They are mereley experts at innovation.
    Jobs is gone so is Apple. Almost disappeared once will do so again and Jobs is not around to rescue them!
    Jobs was well known as a control freak of the highest order. Even his ex partners did have any time for him.
    In the 80s and 90s Apple portrayed Intel and Microsoft as the 2 great evils. The pushed the Motorola CPU aas the only way to go. Pushed Apple DOS as the only operating system. Motorola CPUs died out - poor technology that could not be made any faster - 1 myth blown. Apple DOS replaced by new operating system based on LINUX - 2nd myth blown. Apple use Office software - the old apple writer and Apple Office are long gone! Apple are now just 2nd rate IBM compatibles with easily removed security stopping Windows, LINUX or other operating system working on them.

    Best computer is IBM compatible running on LINUX operating system. I own it - give me control,
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    Than I will vote MAc as i M USING IT AND I am pretty happy with it...

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    Great post all off u Which OS would you vote for .I Really like you.Thanks for sharing information.

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    MAC OS is my favourite

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