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    Default Database manager

    Hello friendz,
    I had a problem regarding linking database with form.
    How do we get the database linked with our website.
    Waiting for somebody helping friends reply,

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    Default lol

    well dam it been a while since i dont that lol you have to do that in adavnace commdline acess im not sure what that site was but you could go to and put in the seach engin SQL Commadline acess and seee if you can come up with anything but first off you need to ask a admin if you have acess to the sql sever off the loal host becasue if you dont then you can do anything with the sever from your pc dam just thoguha bout it you might want to find a gui program now that i think about it to really do this with if you dont have sql installed on your pc your cmd propt will not find the commads you are trying to acess but first you need to find out if the sql seveer only runs on local host or if it gobal acess i hope that help man have any ??? let me know


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