Forwarding our never-ending quest to create the perfect media experience with Winamp, keeping it real all the while, we've decided to unleash our Winamp 5.08 update on the public. In addition to the security fixes we've implemented to ensure your system stays safe, you can now take advantage of the free music offer we've bundled in, courtesy of our friends at eMusic: 50 Free MP3s.

This isn't an annoying scam like those "Free iPod Deal$" or "that girl you met on Friendster who says she wants to date you." eMusic is a quality music service with a wealthy collection of tracks from independent artists. They've got some great groups like Saturday Looks Good to Me and The Anniversaryands whose awesomeness-content far exceed the limits enforced by Top 40 radio. Combine this with the thousands of free songs and videos we already have in Winamp's Media Library, and you've got your bases covered with both mainstream favorites and new sounds from the underground.

If you'd rather not enjoy the fruits of eMusic's labor, we're not going to be jerks about it and nag you until you do. You'll find a convenient eMusic uninstaller in your default Winamp folder that will whisk you off too an alternate reality where none of this ever happened.

Really though, how can you go wrong with 50 free MP3s? You can do anything you want with themurn'em, copy'em, eat'em with your cereal. Skies the limit!