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Thread: Electrical safety tips

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    Default Electrical safety tips

    Install safety equipments for Earth leakage/Over load and Short circuit protection.

    Please see that wiring of your premises is done through licensed electrical contractor only as per rules.

    Follow up / observe all safety precautions to avoid electrical accidents.

    Use always ISI mark appliances, equipments, cables, wires, switches, protective devices etc.

    Make any construction by keeping clearance from electrical lines as prescribed in relevant act/ rules.

    Use proper capacity fuse wire and ensure healthy earthings at the your premises.

    In case of any fault / damage in our electrical lines / equipments, please inform local office immediately and don't touch any live part thereof.

    In case of electrical accident, turn off supply and remove person from circuit immediately. immediately. Shift person to hospital and mean while give artificial respiration and primacy treatment.

    Advice kids for not to climb kites from electrical lines or supports in any circumstances and to fly kites in open area away from electric lines.

    Keep away yourself, kids & your animals from electrical lines, supports, stays etc.

    Please keep yourself away from making illegal connections by "Langariya" strictly.

    Use rubber hand glows while work with electrical circuits / equipments.

    Always keep fire extinguishers in order in residential complex / commercial complex / factories.

    Ensure that supply is turned off in case of repairing / replacing lamps or appliances.

    Use separate and insulated earth wire.

    Keep plugs from away of children's reach. Don't keep plugs open.

    Please connect all appliances / equipments by 3 pin plug - sockets.

    Assume each circuit live until it is tested and confirmed that it is dead.

    Install main switch, Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers, fuses and any protective devices at easily accessible place so it can be turned off in case of any emergency.

    Educate your children for not to play with plugs, sockets, wires or other electrical equipments.

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