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Thread: How much is SEO worth?

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    Post How much is SEO worth?

    Ok, well the reason I ask this is because based on my experience competing with high-volumed search keywords, SEO takes a lot of time and effort.

    I was wondering what quality SEO work is worth to most companies looking to rank in the top positions.

    I offered a potential client top keyword positions for like $1k (I think) for a 6 month campaign. On top of this would be additional costs needed for links, content, etc.

    Is that fair or not? I don't understand how these "SEO experts" (according to GetAFreelancer) are able to offer #1 positions for like $100. Are these blackhats or noobies?


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    Sam, SEO is not a one time process. I am a Web analyst and SEM. If your keyword is not much targetted, the posibility of your Web asite showing up for a certain keyword is high. P.S . However, please let me know the type of Web site and the search engine you are trying to target the Web site to.
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