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Thread: Question about hack and C++

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    Default Question about hack and C++

    I'm not a beginner but I want to know that I heared from someone that he said I can Hack sites,blogs or emails with C++ ....
    Is it true?
    Can you give me some article that it teach to me how can I HACK with C++
    Thank for your Answers...
    Excuse me if I had mistakes in my note ...
    Because I'm not English...

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    im not sure, but i dont think that you can use a desktop language to "hack" websites. you would have to find an vulnerability in the website, and exploit it. so i am going to say no.
    although i wouldnt recommend learning hacking even with web languages because it is very petty and childish imo.

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    Most hackers use vulnerability in software used in the server/site to hack the sites. For example, if your site use old version of phpBB forum, chances are hacker fine your site and hack it.

    So if you secure your server and site, no one will hack it. But many will forget to do it in time.

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    Most hackers just go to sites like these, get the hacking code, find sites with vulnerable software installed using search engine and hack it.
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    But never hack anyones Web site. I used to work for an USA based Web hosting company ( wouldn't disclose it here) and its such a pain for customers to know their Web site getting hacked. The usual hack is search engine spamming which includes inserting code in .htaccess file and xml induction. However, there were many cases like injecting code into Web pages using xml induction in return Web sites asks to download an antivirus.


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