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    Water is essential to life; our body is composed with 70% of water
    Water can not be stored by the body, so it must be consumed constantly. Some water sources are (besides the water itself) fruits and vegetables, chesses and milk. Drinking 8 to 9 glasses of water every day can relief lots of body pains in 80% of the people. It can even reduce the risk of developing colon cancer in a 45%, decrease breast cancer risk in a 79% and reduce in half blotter cancer possibilities. When we feel thirsty and feel the need to drink liquids it is because the body already has a water deficit. This means we are at the beginning pf a dehydratation process.
    Now, I understand that lots of people is not really faun in drinking lots of water, so what I recommend is to have a bottle of water in your desk at your office and every once in a while have a sip.
    Water is essential for the body to fully take advantage of the vitamins. Vitamins are divided into two classes, Fat Soluble Vitamins (A, D y E) and Water Soluble (C the B complex). Water soluble vitamins are only good for the body if they can be processed with water. Just like water these vitamins can not be stored by the body so they have to be ingested regularly and in the right amounts.
    Our brain is particularly susceptible to the lack of water, so most of the headaches people have can be prevented just by drinking enough water. Besides with water our brain becomes more active, but of course it also needs oxygen and glucose.
    Without enough water our kidneys are unable to work properly and they can’t eliminate the toxins from the blood, product of the work our cells do. Moreover chronic dehydratation can damage the kidneys.
    Being well hydrated the blood is less concentrated and there is a lower chance to develop a thrombosis. Besides it increases the fatigue resistance and the physical performance. For these reasons it is very important for any person that performs a physical activity to have lots of water.

    Water functions:
    . It transports nutrients
    . It eliminates metabolic waste
    . It regulates the temperature
    . It lubricates joints
    . It’s an essential component of all the body cells
    . It supports volume and blood pressure
    . It helps to keep the skin tight and firm
    . It helps shaping the body by giving firmness to all tissues.

    Water can help you cure or control stomach acidity, back pains, headaches, asthma, blood pressure and even improves the conditions of diabetes. Depression, loss of libido, chronic fatigue, lupus, all this can be caused by an extended dehydratation.

    Every day we lose around 2 liters and a half of water:
    . Piss (1500ml)
    . Feces (150ml)
    . Sweat (350ml)
    . Breathing (400ml)

    So from this facts, we conclude that in order to be well hydrated you have to drink at least as much water as you lose. But remember that approximately 1 liter is acquired from the food we ingest.

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    Rameshxavier, your post is a factual one.
    Because water is really essential to life. It
    could prevent your body from having different
    illnesses, especially kidney stones. Because
    it has lots of functions like, it eliminates wastes
    in our bodies. So we can avoid ourselves from



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