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    What to look for when choosing sun glasses?

    Sun glasses go a long way more than making just a fashion statement: they protect our eyes from harmful UV rays.
    Today’s sunglass industry makes most sunglasses of plastic that is hi-tech designed, some on the other hand are still made of glass- they are durable but much heavier to wear. Sunglasses differ by the color and degree of darkness of the lens, which are an important factors when deciding the UV protection factor.
    The most important benefit your sunglasses should provide is protection from ultraviolet radiation, a component of sunlight that contributes to eye disease. Before you buy your new sunglasses, make sure they block at least 99% of harmful UV rays. It is recommendable to look for sunglasses with lenses that block 99-100% of UVA and UVB radiation (100% is of course the best). Best to check this is through labeling: the label should read UV 400 or 100% UV protection.

    4 things that a good pair of sunglasses should do for you!

    • Sunglasses provide protection from ultraviolet rays in sunlight. (UV light damages the cornea and retina, and good pair of sunglasses can completely eliminate UV rays)
    • Sunglasses provide protection from intense light (Good sunglasses can block light entering, such as snow reflection, by as much as 97 percent to avoid damage.)
    • Sunglasses provide protection from glare (Good sunglasses can completely eliminate glare, such as water, which reflects a great deal of light, using polarization.)
    • Sunglasses eliminate specific frequencies of light. (Choosing the right color for your sunglasses lets them work better in specific situations, since certain light frequencies can blur vision and some can enhance contrast)

    What tint color should I choose?

    Gray tints offer good protection against glare, which makes it a perfect choice for general use. They are great all-purpose tints that reduce the overall amount of brightness with the least amount of color distortion.
    Amber and brown tints are also good for general purpose. They reduce glare and absorb blue part of spectrum, they are also called Blue Blockers. They increase contrast and clarity.
    Yellow and gold tints actually eliminate the blue part of the spectrum. They create the effect of making everything bright and sharp. For this reason all snow glasses have yellow tint. But yellow tint glasses are not recommendable for any activity that relies on accurate color, because yellow tint really distorts color perception.
    Green tints on the other hand offer highest contrast and have best visual acuity of any tint, for that reason they are very popular.
    Best summertime choice or when spending time near water it is best to wear purple and rose tints. They offer best contrast of objects against blue and green background. For that reason they make a good choice for hunting.

    What sun glasses fit me best?

    The right pair of sunglasses can add a touch of style. Fashion and image do play a role in sunglass selection: do you remember Tom Cruise’s Top guns? They are back this year. Frames form an integral and as far as image is concerned very important part of any eyewear! But before falling for fashion and trends, choose pair of shades that suit your face! For example, a round face looks best with geometric and oval shapes, angular face carries off with rounder frames, while people with oval faces are those lucky ones, because they can wear almost any style.

    * Oval face shape

    Oval face shape is the most balanced face shape: jaw is being slightly narrower than forehead, and cheekbones are most noticeable part of the face. As mentioned, oval face is the most grateful face for almost all sunglasses: people with oval face can wear almost any sun glasses, the traditional or futuristic wraparounds.
    Of course, the size of the face also matters: people with smaller oval faces should wear delicate and even rimless frames, while those with bigger faces are perfect clients for latest fashion trends.
    You're lucky because any style works for you!

    * Heart face shape

    Heart face shape is a face that is broader at the top and slims down to a chin.
    Best choice for people with heart-shaped faces, are rimless glasses. If belong to this group, you should avoid heavy rimmed glasses, because they make your narrow jaw line look sharp. Also, avoid wide-topped pairs and those with oversized lenses, busy detail work and high sides. Rimless styles are perfect for you!

    * Round face shape

    Round face is a wide and long face with soft and no straight angles or lines. For that reason forget about Lennon-like sunglasses- forget about round glasses. Best choice for round shaped faces, are octagons and rectangles, because straight lines will help you narrow your face. Try to choose higher temples, because they will add height to your face. In short, rectangular frames make your face appear longer and thinner.
    People with round faces look best with classic patterns and darker colors.

    * Square face shape

    Typical for square shaped face is almost equal width of forehead, sides and chin. As the name says square face shape has very strong and pronounced lines and angles. For that reason perfect glasses for people with square face shape would be round shaped glasses because they would soften your face lines. You must avoid angular rims, especially squares.
    Aim for narrow ovals, circular lenses or cat's eye design, and choose frames with more width than height, and with higher nose bridge. For example, frames that go beyond the edge of your face, like those sporty wrap styles de-emphasis large jaw line. Try them out!

    * Oblong face shape

    If you have longer face, you can go along with all fashion trends- retro look is your answer. Try on anything that will add width to your face. On the other hand, if you belong to those with shorter faces, avoid that.
    For rectangular oblong face try out the ones John Lennon made famous, because they will shorten a long face.
    If you have big nose, wear sunglasses with a lower bridge to visually cut the length, while people with shorter noses, should wear glasses with high bridge for the opposite effect.

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    This is such an informative post for
    everyone who loves to wear sunglasses
    and for those who would like what kind
    of sunglasses fits them.

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