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Thread: How long should a morning walk to be to help impact weightloss?

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    Default How long should a morning walk to be to help impact weightloss?

    Ive started walking every morning first thing when I wake up (put my hair up in bobble, pull my jogging bottoms on and slip into a t-shirt and walk out the door) for around 20mins.

    Should I walk longer?
    Keep in mind, I have to get on the school bus at around 7.45, and Ill need time to wash and dress and straighten hair.

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    Default Excercising regularly

    Excercising regularly can reduce your weight gain and improve your immunity power. A daily 30 minute walk is enough.

    If you are a teenager, have a good sleep of 7 to 8 hour. It will prevent the weight gain. Participate in the school games/sports activites too. Swimming and cycling are the other good excercises. Eat well and do regular excercises.

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    I have always heard that you want to get your heart rate up for atleast 20 minutes. I just take a 30 minute 1 mile walk with the dog in the AM. we will see if it helps.


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