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    It is very important to statistically track visitors to your website. Web tracking software provides a wealth of information about website visitors that can help you improve your web content, navigational structure and "stickiness". Good information will help you formulate great strategies that will ultimately lower your costs and increase your revenues.

    A good hit tracker provides answers to the following types of questions:

    From which countries did my website visitors come from?
    Which search engine did they use to find my site?
    Which words or phrases did they search on?
    Which sites and URLs are sending me traffic?
    How did my visitors navigate through my site?
    Which of my pages are the most and least popular?
    By regularly analyzing your web stats, you will make some amazing discoveries! For example, you will probably find that only a few search engines are sending you most of your traffic. You will likely discover that a very few of your pages are receiving 90% of your hits.

    It is important to use the information to refine your meta tags and develop strategies that will improve your site's visibility in the major search engines. For more information on meta tags, search engines and monitoring, check out the following sites:

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    cool article ,

    Thanks for sending the post :)

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    This is a good idea. But only idea. Must be next step: list of tools for it from simple and free to all others.


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