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    The most important measure in the treatment of alcoholic liver disease is to ensure the total and immediate abstinence from alcohol. This will sometimes require admission to an in-patient medical ward for prophylactic treatment of withdrawal symptoms such as delirium tremens and seizures. Treatment of other associated neurological conditions may also be required. Chronic alcohol abusers often need treatment with vitamins, especially thiamin, to correct the deficiencies that may have resulted from chronic alcohol abuse. Intensive medical treatment of the complications of acute alcoholic hepatitis or cirrhosis is also sometimes necessary, as is the treatment of concurrent infectious and/or metabolic disorders. Once the patient is medically stable, he/she should receive on-going treatment to ensure abstinence from alcohol. This often includes a period of in-patient alcohol rehabilitation followed by subsequent long-term participation in support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and possibly continuous out-patient psychiatric care. Cessation of alcohol use will reverse fatty liver and alcoholic hepatitis. Although cirrhosis is irreversible, alcohol abusers who stop drinking will often have a good prognosis in that progressive liver deterioration can be avoided.

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    This is a big help for alcoholics. Because they used to drink alcohol like it is a water. Actually doctors said that alcohols are not bad for our health if you will not drink too much. Only 8oz of liquor a day is enough.

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