The Power of ZEN MICRO
You will never be without your favourite music with ZEN MICRO. Squeezed into its micro-sized casing is the capacity to store an astounding 2,500 songs on its 5GB hard drive1, and it keeps your music going for up to 12 hours2 on a single battery charge with its removable, rechargeable Li-ion battery3.

There's no need to go round in circles with the ZEN MICRO's intuitive Vertical Touch Pad. Designed to let you easily navigate through your music, you can be sure to find any song or data file with ease.

Shuffle your songs or albums with the DJ feature, or tune in to the latest songs on the pop charts with the radio. Whatever you're listening to, enjoy the superior sound quality and clarity of a hi-fi that fits easily in your pocket.

Not only does it play music, the ZEN MICRO helps you keep your life organized too. The mini-organizer consists of a calendar, an address book and a to-do-list4. Keep track of all your business appointments or classes. Sync up your Microsoft® Outlook® email addresses, calendar notes in your home or office PCs with ZEN MICRO. Need to record lectures, business meetings, or just love the sound of your voice? The built-in microphone lets you to create and store voice memos with the built-in voice recorder.

Created in 10 attractive colors and with a mesmerizing blue backlight glow, FM tuner and FM recording with 32 preset stations, USB 2.0 for fast transfer of files and 8 preset EQ settings, the Creative ZEN MICRO packs so much into something so small. Now, whoever said small had to mean minimal?

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FEATURES2,500 songs. 5GB capacity
The size of your player shouldn't compromise the thousands of songs you want to listen to. ZEN MICRO's incredibly tiny size holds up to 2,500 songs, that's a whole weeks worth of music to enjoy and never hear the same song twice.

And, with USB 2.0, you'll be able to transfer songs in a flash, spending less time at your computer and more time enraptured in your music.

Micro sized
Only 3.3" high, this micro sized player stands tall against any other player. In such a tiny space we have filled it with everything you'd want in an MP3 player and more!

Curved to fit
ZEN MICRO's contoured shape feels great when you hold it in your hand, scrolling through thousands of your favorite songs. The smooth round edges also let it slip effortlessly into your pocket. However, its stunning looks will probably make you want to keep it out where everyone can see it.

Captivating design
ZEN MICRO, trimmed with a luminescent blue glow and back-lit buttons, boasts the most imaginative design of an MP3 player to date.

10 electrifying colors
When it comes to choice, the only difficult decision you need to make is which of the 10 electrifying colors suits your lifestyle. With such a kaleidoscope of colors, what color will you choose?

Up to 12 hour battery life
There is enough battery life in ZEN MICRO to keep you dancing from dusk till dawn and still be listening to tunes during the morning commute. But don't let the music stop there!

Removable, rechargeable battery
ZEN MICRO's removable battery is easy to swap with another fully charged battery, there's no need to hang around waiting for your player to charge. Now you truly have the battery juice to get loose.

FM radio to listen to and record
Not that you will ever get tired of your 5GB music library when it can hold 2,500 songs. But, if you find yourself in the mood for radio, simply tune in with the ZEN MICRO's built-in FM radio. Set up to 32 station presets so you can catch up on the latest sports results, listen to your favorite talk show, or navigate your way out of traffic congestions. Your ZEN MICRO will even record your favorite radio shows, so you can listen to and enjoy them later.

Built-in voice recorder
There's also a built-in microphone for up to 10 hours of voice recording. Ideal for taking notes, recording lectures and remembering those inspirations you'll have as you hear the clarity of the MP3 and WMA music you've stored on ZEN MICRO.

Vertical touch pad
No more going round in circles to find the song you want, we all know that the quickest distance between two points is a straight line. ZEN MICRO's vertical touch pad and touch sensitive controls are designed to be intuitive so that searching through songs or playlists is easy, quick and fun - try taking a cruise down this strip.

Removable Disk
Store and transfer not only your favorite tunes, but important data files as well. Zen Micro's Removable Disk mode lets you connect your player to the computer and directly copy the files you need.

Get organized
When you're having so much fun with your ZEN MICRO, it's easy to lose track of time or even days. One of ZEN MICRO's handy features is its personal organizer. You'll never forget about those all important anniversaries with the "calendar," plus a "to do" list and "contacts" list, all syncing seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook.

Wake to your favorite tunes
You'll have no excuses of being late for that interview, important meeting or your early lecture. The ZEN MICRO has a sleep timer and alarm - so now you can drift off to sleep on those warm weekends to your very own playlist of easy listening tunes, and wake up to some classic rock and roll.

Customize your UI
We know everyone has different preferences; ZEN MICRO lets you customize the main menu so that you can have the features YOU want right there at your fingertips, where they are easy to find.

Shuffle to a different tune
Be your own DJ and take "shuffle" to a new level. ZEN MICRO's DJ feature gives you more than the standard shuffle found in other MP3 players. Not only will ZEN MICRO randomly shuffle through all your music, but now you can listen to all your most popular tracks, or tracks you rarely hear. Or let your ZEN MICRO randomly select an album of the day for you to enjoy.

Highest audio quality of any MP3 player
Creative MP3 players are renowned for their superior audio quality, and the ZEN MICRO is no exception. With an outstanding industry leading 98dB signal to noise ratio, you can achieve audio bliss with clarity as good as expensive hi-fi systems. That coupled with high fidelity earphones with dynamic bass response, the ZEN MICRO not only sets a new standard for sheer style, but for unmatched audio perfection.

Holds 2,500 songs on 5GB1 hard drive
Micro sized (WxHxD: 2" x 3.3" x 0.7" or 51mm x 84mm x 19mm)
Available in 10 electrifying colors (Black, White, Silver, Dark blue, Light blue, Red, Purple, Citrus Orange, Lime Green and Pink)
Get up to 12 hours playback on a single charge2
Features a removable, rechargeable lithium ion battery3
FM radio to listen and record with 32 preset stations
Built-in microphone for up to 10hrs voice recording
Vertical touch pad for easy and intuitive navigation
Access over 2 million songs through Zen supported music services
Highest audio clarity at 98dB SNR
High fidelity earphones with dynamic bass response
Contacts, Calendar and To Do List4
Plays MP3, WMA, WAV files
Functions as an external hard drive for backup of computer files
Backlit LCD displays track info
Repeat, resume, and random play
8 EQ settings (Acoustic, classical, disco, jazz, new age, pop, rock and vocal)
Sleep and wake timers
Customizable main menu, so the features you want are right at your finger tips
USB 2.0 interfaces (cables included)
Belt clip / stand
weight: 3.8 oz. (includes removable battery)

1 2500 songs at 64kbps WMA. 1250 songs at 128kbps MP3. 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Available capacity will be less. Reported capacity will vary.
2 Actual battery life will vary with use.
3 Additional Li-ion battery sold separately.
4 Requires Microsoft Outlook.

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