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Thread: How To Make A Couch Cover

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    A couch cover serves a wide variety of purposes. It can be used to protect your couch from dust and dirt, to make a worn out couch look new again (especially when you don't have the money to change it) as well as to make an old couch match your new décor. The best part of a couch cover is that you can make it at home and, if there is a shortage of funds, can even use a blanket or bed-sheet for the purpose. In the following lines, we have provided steps that will help you know all about making a slip cover for a couch.

    How To Make A Couch Cover (Initial Steps)

    * The first step will require you to decide as to what it is that you want your couch to look like.
    * Take a decision regarding the material as well as the color and pattern of the cover, keeping the overall décor in mind.
    * Do you want to cover the whole couch or just use a throw to give it a rejuvenated look?
    * Is your couch has been placed against a wall, you will require a cover for the front only. Otherwise, the cover will have to be made for the entire sofa, including the back as well.
    * If you do not want to spend much on your couch cover, old bed sheets and blankets can be used for the purpose as well.
    * Now is the time to measure the couch for the dimensions that will be required for the cover.

    Couch Against the Wall

    * If the couch is against the wall, measure the length and height (from the back of the top to the platform to the floor, making allowance for the size of the cushion).
    * After buying the fabric of the required size, you will have to hem its edges and then, drape it over the back.
    * Now is the time to tuck the fabric into the back of the cushion and let it drape to the floor.
    * Next, you will be required to tuck the fabric in the sides along side of the end cushions and drape it over the arm.
    * Your couch cover is ready!

    Covering the Whole Couch

    * For measuring the couch that has to be covered completely, including the back, you will follow the same procedure as for a couch against the wall. The only difference will be that while calculating the height, you will include the back as well.
    * Go to the market, buy the fabric with required dimensions and hem all the sides properly.
    * Drape the fabric over the back of the couch, turn up the end near the floor and use upholstery pins to hold it in place along the bottom.
    * Tuck the fabric into the back of the cushion and let it drape to the floor.
    * Follow this by tucking the fabric in the sides along side of the end cushions and draping it over the arm.
    * Your couch cover is ready!

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    In addition to having that fresh look with your living room, you could also put some designs on your sofa covers to make it more personalize. You can pick from a variety of decorator style options to give your slipcovers that custom designer look such as skirt styles, covered welt accent and mix & match fabrics together with the best pillow that would fit your chosen sofa covers.
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