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Thread: I am willling to do anything to succeed

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    Default I am willling to do anything to succeed


    If someone else can be a success, then can't that be me. I like that statement, because it means to me that the other guy is no different from me. I can learn, I am able, I can follow directions, I can do anything you can do, so why not me. I have dreams and wishes to succeed. So now all I have to do is work towards making that true. There is a chance that I might fail, and an equal chance that I will succeed. And I am willing to take that chance.

    What do I have now, if I don't try. At least I will know that I tried. I will try.


    There's no way to grow without taking a few risks


    Green tip: eliminate impulse buying

    Hi everyone, welcome back from Thanksgiving. Hoping everyone is Healthy....Jada

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    WOW like your enthusiasm and drive, I'm just wondering on your commitment. It says that winning is not to run fast but to keep running.

    I wish you good luck and if you need help please PM me.


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