The importance of drinking water:

  • Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps your body metabolize stored fat.
  • A decrease in water will cause fat deposits to increase, while an increase in water can reduce fat deposits. ( This alone will catch you attention if you want to lose weight).
  • Your kidney's can't function properly without enough water. The liver has to help the kidney, so it works harder. but one of the liver's primary function is to metabolize stored fat, so it cannot handle excess work.
  • Drinking more water prevents fluid retention.
  • Water rids the body of waste and toxins, very important if you are shedding weight or changing lifestyle.
  • Water can help relieve constipation.
  • Drinking water at night helps reduce that snacking at bed time.
  • Drinking water can help prevent : fatigue,headaches,sinus problems,allergies, breathing difficulties,joint discomfort, neck and back pain, sleep disorder, impotence, even depression.
  • Water helps maintain proper muscle tone by helping muscles in their natural ability to contract.

I hope some of this information helps someone.


This is an invitation to good Health

Happy and Healthy Holiday