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Thread: How to print webpage without images and background colors?

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    Default How to print webpage without images and background colors?

    Today tip will help you to print any website page in readable form (only text) without any extra graphics or images. There is a option on many websites "Print" to print a page in text format only, but if there is no print option then you can print out any webpage without its background colors and images using Internet Explorer setting. Generally Internet Explorer setting "Print background colors and images" is disable, another advantage of printing webpage without background colors, you can speed up your printing process and also save printer ink. But important thing to always preview WebPages before you print, in Internet Explorer go to File menu, then click on Print Preview option.
    To enable or disable print background colors option, open your system Internet Explorer.
    Click the Tools menu and then go to Internet Options and open it. Here click the Advanced tab then scroll down to find the option Printing section.
    Now check the option "Print background colors and images" then Apply and press Ok button.

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    at last an answer lol thanks :D

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