The flagship of the SoundSpace systems fleet, SoundSpace 21 is the culmination of Nakamichi's advanced home theater technology and expertise. This remarkably flexible and luxurious home theater system blends sophisticated styling, versatile features and Nakamichis extraordinary sonic performance.

SoundSpace 21 consists of a 5-disc MusicBank™ DVD/CD changer, an A/V tuner / processor unit featuring Dolby Digital™ and DTS™ surround decoding, a 5-channel speaker system with dual, active subwoofers and an intelligent LCD touch-panel remote control.

An innovative, motor-driven system suspends satellite speakers in towers, allowing you to raise and lower them to customize your listening experience. This system enhances the speakers imaging and sound field focus for both stereo and surround sound as you select audio or video entertainment.

It is a new concept in home theater. There is nothing like it, visually or acoustically.

The Sound Space 21 control center is housed in a slim, floor-standing enclosure with elegant rosewood finish panels. The Nakamichi SoundSpace 21 contains Nakamichi's 5-disc MusicBank DVD/CD Changer and system control buttons on a logically organized touch panel.

The main unit can be placed in a room without conventional audio racks or equipment stands. Matched with the loudspeakers, it forms a center piece of sophisticated and elegant system design. Nakamichi's proprietary MusicBank system serves in SoundSpace 21 as both a DVD and CD changer. It permits direct loading or the changing of discs without the use of a tray or magazine. You simply open a motor-driven panel to reveal the DVD/CD loading slot and insert discs one by one into internal storage, where they remain ready for playback. As many as five DVDs, video CDs or audio CDs can be stored together and viewed or heard as desired, in any order.

The main unit's front panel design features simplicity of operation and control of all the system's functions. A large, illuminated LCD panel display presents information on the system's operating status.

Five-Channel Loudspeaker System
The five speaker units – Front left and right, Center and Surround left and right – employ the same two-way, three-driver configuration to allow for realistic and accurate reproduction of Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic and DTS encoded cinema soundtracks. The 25 mm soft dome tweeter is located between the 80 mm bass / midrange drivers in the classic "D'Apilito" configuration. This method results in excellent horizontal and vertical high-frequency dispersion and ensures superb localization and imaging.

Front and surround speakers are suspended within freestanding rosewood and chrome clad tower enclosures. A motorized mechanism allows the speakers to be raised or lowered by remote control. This makes it possible to enhance stereo imaging and surround sound field focus.

To achieve the ideal imaging and focus, you can adjust the height of the speakers according to the size of the room; the space relationship of the viewing screen and speaker, or speakers to listeners; and the positions of the listeners. Every possibility is addressed by the SoundSpace 21's variable height speaker system.

Once your favorite viewing and listening positions are established, the system can memorize up to three positions and recall them instantly at the touch of a button.

Center and Surround Speaker Adjustment
The center and surround speakers' audio level can be adjusted independently up to ±10 dB for accurate balance to the main front speakers. For proper decoding in Dolby Digital or DTS surround modes, delay time is also adjustable up to 15 milliseconds in 1 millisecond steps for the surround channels, and for the center channel up to 5 ms in 1 ms steps.

Dual, Active Subwoofer System
SoundSpace 21 uses dual, active subwoofers to capture and reproduce all musical nuance and enhance the visceral impact of low frequency effects. A highly efficient 20cm driver mounted in a bass-reflex enclosure delivers dynamic reproduction of frequencies below 120 Hz, as required in the Dolby Digital format.

Each subwoofer enclosure houses amplifiers for the entire system – three channels on one, four on the other. In this way, all speakers are matched perfectly to the power amplifiers for the best possible fidelity and dynamics. The use of two independent subwoofers provides the ideal "twin-mono" configuration for excellent bass frequency propagation and placement flexibility.

Harmonic Time Alignment
Nakamichi's exclusive and highly acclaimed Harmonic Time Alignment technology is used on all channels to minimize distortion of the amplified signal. This unique approach to amplifier design results in precise definition, dynamics and accuracy throughout the audio spectrum. Five high-powered HTA amplifier channels are capable of delivering clear, amazingly high sound pressure levels by means of creative engineering techniques and exact matching of speaker and amplifier.

A/V Tuner / Processor Unit
The tuner / processor unit receives audio/video signals from coaxial / optical digital sources and converts them into analog by means of high-precision 24-bit D/A converters. These converters, on all six channels, provide high fidelity sound and wide dynamic range in all processing modes: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic and DTS.

Five video and seven audio inputs ensure ample room for system flexibility and expansion. An optical digital output connection – used for example, with an MD recorder – is provided on this unit.

Natural, Hall and Stadium ambience synthesis circuitry provides effective sound enhancement from mono or two-channel sources.

The sleep timer turns off power to the system in increments up to two hours.

On-Screen Display
The on-screen display can be used to superimpose visual icons on the television screen, providing not only a useful guide to setup and calibration, but also visual confirmation of the status of various system components.

Multi-Zone / Multi-Source Capabilities
The SoundSpace 21 was designed to provide audio / video entertainment not only in the room where itŐs installed, but in a remote location as well. Its multi-source capability makes it possible to select different A/V sources for each of the two rooms; for example, a DVD movie may be watched in the main room while an FM radio broadcast is played in another.

Three multi-zone modes are available. The user in the primary room can make program source selections without changing the source in the secondary location; selections for the secondary location can be made without changing the source in the primary room, or make the same program source selection for both locations.

Two Remote Controls
Two remote controls provide exceptional convenience for the SoundSpace 21. The full-function remote is a wireless, infrared, learning-type designed for tabletop use. All major command keys, including power on/off, source selection and DVD/CD player transport function, are large and logically arranged on a touch-sensitive panel. The LCD panel is backlit for easy operation in low light, and integrated icons visually display operational status and system condition. Infrequently used keys are hidden beneath a panel to prevent the disturbance of critical settings and to make everyday operation easier.

A compact, egg-shaped remote provides easy control of all major system functions. This ergonomically designed sub-remote fits your hand comfortably, with oversized buttons that make "blind" operation possible.

The Nakamichi SoundSpace 21 is designed to deliver highest quality surround sound in an intuitive and innovative fashion. With individual speaker decibel settings, and a dual subwoofer bass system, it is designed to give you awesome sound power. An added feature is the creation of zones, allowing you to split up the resources of the system. You could watch a DVD in one room, while someone else listens to the radio in the next. All of this is controlled by the full function remote that allows configuring of all options without getting up. A smaller remote is included for simple control functions so that you are not always burdened with a complicated remote. The Nakamichi SoundSpace 21 is truly a system designed for excellence.

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