- Drives: 192-576
- Max Capacity (TB): 84
- Cache (GB): 8 - 256
- 2Gbps FC Drive Ports: 64
- 2Gbps FC I/O Ports: 64
- GIGA Ethernet iSCSI Ports: 64
- Escon Channels: Up to 64

everything high-end

DMX stands for Direct Matrix, a fundamentally new storage array architecture that delivers entirely new levels of performance, availability, functionality, and economics.
The Symmetrix DMX3000 is a triple-bay storage system using this advanced technology. It is the most powerful high-end system in the whole Symmetrix series.
The DMX3000 uses integrated packaging to deliver the highest storage density available today and can scale to 576 drives (84 TB raw), 128 GB of cache, and 64 front-end ports. It also includes new connectivity options including Fibre Channel, 2 Gb FICON for mainframe, Gigabit Ethernet for SRDF, and iSCSI. The architecture is designed to be high-available, so that data stays no matter what.

Reliability functions
The Symmetrix series satisfies all availability levels. User can combine data mirroring with RAID protection and data mirroring either locally or remotely. Data can be mirrored offsite, without additional load to the host. So the critical data is available even in disaster scenarios. The fully redundant system provides advanced failure protection and even the maintenance can be performed without downtime. Potential problems in drives or cache will be detected by regular background self-tests.

Storage software - the fuel and functionality that power the Symmetrix DMX engine
The Enginuity storage operating system is the most mature, comprehensive, stable, highly available, and proven storage software environment in the industry. It is designed from the ground up to drive a high-speed, highly available networked storage infrastructure- one capable of meeting today's seemingly infinite needs for growth, speed, and flexibility, while anticipating tomorrow's business requirements. And Enginuity comes equipped with a full complement of available storage applications to meet virtually business demand.

Specialised models to fit customerís demands
For the Symmetrix DMX3000, as well as for all other products in the Symmetrix family, there are specialised models, which fit higher customerís demands in performance or availability. Not everyone needs them, but for example in large-scale data warehouses or decision support environments, these models may be right. Our experts will of course assist you in determining which Symmetrix DMX performance model is the most appropriate solution.

Symmetrix DMX3000-M2 - Meeting more demanding SLA requirements
When Service Level Agreements require the highest levels of performance and availability the new Symmetrix DMX3000-M2 models are the right choice.
They incorporate 1Ghz PowerPC channel and disk directors to raise the top-end systems performance of the Symmetrix DMX series by up to 30%. In addition to the new DMX-2 models, this technology is also available as a data-in-place upgrade to existing Symmetrix DMX systems.