Dear friends,
Even though India is a fastest growing destination of IT, it is a very much known fact that the growth is limited to only certain states or regions of India. So it is our duty (Software Engineers) to spread the knowledge of IT throughout our country & abroad. Keeping this in mind we (A group of software engineers), created a yahoo group called ITtalk.Tk, it sounds in Hindi (IT talk only ok!). It’s nice know.
Yes! So we welcome you all to join this group. This group includes software Engineers, software testers, web designers, network engineers etc etc from various MNCs, details of various new software’s available in the market, IT jobs available abroad & within India, wide discussion about various programming languages like .Net, J2EE, LINUX etc. All these will surely make this group a real IT destiny.
Now Rush………….to [email protected] for registration
Group name is ITtalk _Tk
Group email: [email protected]
ITtalk_tk Group home page: