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    Who likes chocolate.

    Dark chocolate contains flovonoids which helps prevent clogged arteries by raising levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol, which helps remove bad LDL cholesterol particles from the bloodstream. However 3.5 ounce daily had about 531 calories, so look for chocolates that has at least 60 percent cocoa, the darker the better.


    Do you sometimes overeat.

    Did you know that when we overeat the best food that helps us is pineapple. When you feel overstuffed, and you still want to eat more, open a can or fresh pineapple, it can make you feel better. This fruit is loaded with enzymes that helps digest food. Pineapples can also help reduce inflammation , because it contains Bromelain. This enzyme also helps reduce the swelling and pain following minor surgery.

    Happy and safe holiday

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    What an informative post. Hope you'll also post about renal failure, on how to prevent it so that people can prevent from dialysis treatment.

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