We are a 16 year old company
Almost 30,000 network dental providers
You may choose the Dentist of your choice in our network
25% t0 80% savings on dental procedures performed by a program dentist
Special savings on specialist work like braces, oral surgery root canal
No waiting period before you use the program
No limits to the number of visits prescribed by your dentist
Normal package amounts:
Individual: $14.95 per month+ $20.00 registration fee.
Household: (up to 20 people related or not) $19.95 per month +$20.00 registration fee.
Ask me about working at home while helping others stay Healthy. Residual income

$20 you can join with me on the road to success
$20 you can enroll into any of the Health Plans you like
$50 is yours for purchasing any work aids you need to start
$300 is your for gas if you refer someone to me and they sign up