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Thread: 'Marley and Me' 'highest-grossing film in North America on Christmas'

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    Default 'Marley and Me' 'highest-grossing film in North America on Christmas'

    LONDON : 'Marley and Me', starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, was reportedly the highest-grossing film in North America on Christmas Day.

    20th Century Fox has claimed that the movie, about a puppy acquired by newlyweds, took an estimated 14.8 million dollars, reports the BBC.

    Bruce Snyder, distribution president at 20th Century Fox, said the takings for 'Marley and Me' were "phenomenal holiday numbers".

    He described the film, inspired by a memoir by US journalist John Grogan, as "the definition of a 'feel-good movie'".

    If its estimated revenue of 14.8 million dollars were to be confirmed, it would beat the previous Christmas Day record of 10.2 million dollars, set by 'Ali', a biographical film about boxer Muhammad Ali, in 2001.

    'Marley and Me' was followed by 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, starring Brad Pitt, which earned 11.8 million dollars, trade title Variety said.

    Disney's family film Bedtime Stories, with Adam Sandler was in third place.

    Tom Cruise's Nazi thriller 'Valkyrie' came fourth after raking an estimated 8.5 million dollars.

    'Yes Man', starring Jim Carrey rounded off the top five with 6 million dollars.

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