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Thread: Kodak EasyShare Z1012-IS Digital Camera Review

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    Smile Kodak EasyShare Z1012-IS Digital Camera Review

    Kodak EasyShare Z1012-IS Digital Camera Review

    The Kodak EasyShare Z1012-IS digital camera is an advanced 10.1 megapixel point and shoot that delivers one of the highest zoom capabilities in this class of digicams. On the downside, it is heavier and bulkier than most point and shoots. Find out more with this Kodak EasyShare Z1012-IS Digital Camera Review.
    Kodak Z1012 IS Zoom Capabilities

    The big selling point for this camera is the big zoom. It is one of the highest zoom ranges you will find in a point-and-shoot, non-digital SLR camera. It features a Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 12x optical zoom (33–396 mm equivalent). The zoom speed is also impressive, and it's nothing to go from distant to close-up in a moment. The zoom also features 5X advanced digital for a total zoom range of 60X. It is best, however, to stick within just the optical zoom range.

    Shooting Modes on the Kodak Z1012 IS Digital Camera

    The choice of shooting modes has the basics, but Kodak really doesn't go beyond that and it would be nice to see more modes here. While there are more modes in some other digital camera, the options here should be enough for most users. In handling the camera, it is also quite simple to find the modes (some of which are simply selected by turning the dial on top of the camera). The shooting modes include:

    • Portrait modes—portrait, night portrait, backlight
    • Landscape modes—landscape, night landscape, fireworks
    • Bright scene modes—sport, beach, snow
    • Action modes—sport, children
    • Close-up modes—flower
    • Text/Documents mode—ensures sharp text when photographing documents
    • Manner/Museum mode—use when sound or flash are not desired

    Handling the Kodak Z1012 IS

    The Kodak Z1012 IS may feel a bit clunky and heavy to those used to compact point-and-shoots, but it really does sit nicely in the hands. It also isn't that large when you consider the zoom range and power. You can comfortably hold and shoot the camera in one hand (camera shake concerns notwithstanding). The camera's weight is 11.5 ounces (or 325 grams), and its dimensions are 4.3" by 2.9" by 3" (or 108.5 mm by 74.2 mm by 76.6 mm). As you can imagine, this isn't a camera that is easily tossed into a purse or pocket unless that purse or pocket is quite roomy.
    The size is a trade-off for the impressive zoom, and high image quality as well as a wide variety of features. The best way to describe the size is to consider it in the middle between a typical compact point-and-shoot and a typical low-priced digital SLR camera.

    Who Should or Shouldn't Buy the Kodak Z1012 IS

    Kodak Z1012 IS digital camera, back view

    This is a nice digital camera that is perfect for the person who isn't a beginner, but isn't quite to the pro or even advanced hobbyist level. Who should buy it:

    • The travel photography enthusiast who wants to take pictures to the next level. The zoom and high megapixel level go a long way, but the camera also features a nice panoramic stitching capability for wide landscapes.
    • The prosumer, someone who wants some of the advanced features and flexibility of a digital SLR, but isn't quite ready to make the leap yet. It's also ideal for someone longing to get a digital SLR, but who can't afford one.

    Who shouldn't buy this camera:
    • The beginner or casual photographer, or someone who likes their camera to be slim and to toss easily into a back pocket. While a beginner could use this camera and not be completely lost, there are less expensive and easier to use cameras for someone new to photography.
    • The professional photography or extreme hobbyist. If you demand a lot of manual controls and advanced features, the pro will find the camera limiting. But this could certainly be a second, backup or casual camera for an advanced photographer.

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    The Z1012 IS offers the following basic shooting modes:
    Auto: Allows you to use the camera as a true point-and-shoot
    Sport: Sets the camera to optimize images for quick moving subjects
    High ISO: Increases the ISO to help freeze motion in lower light shots
    Scene: Allows you to select from a range of different situation presets, including beach, fireworks, text, and many more
    Panorama: Assists you in taking multiple pictures that can be later be stitched into a single wide-view image
    Manual, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Program: Manual modes that allow you to take control of the camera's exposure settings if you so choose
    Video: High-definition movie mode, with optical zoom available

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    I hate this camera... it never focuses on the right object and is VERY slow to focus when on auto. I have never had as many problems with my cannon

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