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Thread: How To Get People To Like You

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    Default How To Get People To Like You

    The world seems to be a wonderful place when every one around you likes you. The mere feeling of being liked and loved by others fills the heart with warmth and happiness. Some people have the inherent quality to make others be fond of them. However, we should know that not every one is born with this knack. If you are one amongst the latter type of people and are looking for ways to make others like you, the guidance given here will come handy. Go through the following and know how to get people to like you.

    Ways To Make People Like You

    Be Cheerful

    People would always like to accompany a smiling and cheerful person, who spreads positive energy around him/her. Therefore, be a person who is always optimistic and upbeat. Remember, if you act happily, you will feel happy as well and make other feel good with your presence. In addition, they will treat you much more warmly.

    Be Kind

    Do not frown at others’ wrong deeds or misbehaviors. It is always nice to show kindness, although it seems 'easier said than done'. Being kind means speaking politely, in a soft tone and never shouting at people when you are angry. Every act of yours should show that you care for others and are considerate about their feelings. This kind of behavior will project you as a kind-hearted person and get people to like you.


    Listening to others is a great thing to establish a rapport among them. If you want others to like you, then pay attention whenever they are talking to you. When you carefully listen to what others say and respond to them appropriately, you are able to engender closeness with them. People will begin to open up to you more, as they will be sure that you will always be there to lend an ear.

    Be Helpful

    One of the best ways to get people like you is to go out of the way whenever they are in need. This act will show that you care for them. Moreover, this will show that you are reliable and a person to depend upon. You should not be their last resort; rather be the first person who helps them. Doing good things, such as helping others without being asked to, will help you win their confidence as well.

    Devote Time

    A majority of people would like someone in their life who gives time and attention to them. Devoting time to people will help you a great deal in developing a good relationship with them.


    Feeling bad for someone who is going through troubled times, is good. However, feeling the pain of others is even better. Empathizing is not as easy as showing sympathy. It is a quality that very few of us have. If you have this quality in you, you will surely become a person whom almost everyone likes.

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    Default You forgot...

    Don't lie to them unless you have to.

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    "Human relations" is a new subject taught to students of psychology and sociology. It will help u in this regard.


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