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Thread: Cartoon font effect photoshop 7 tutorial

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    Default Cartoon font effect photoshop 7 tutorial

    Here is another tutorial in photoshop for creating cool font effects that looks like cartoonish. Gives your web site a funny look1

    1) Open up photoshop

    1) Create new file of any size you like

    2) With the Text Tool type your tex. used Excalibur Logotype Font. You can download the cartoonish font from here:


    3) Fill it with a color, like red, blue, orange, green. Please don't use black or white.

    4) Use this Layer Styles from the photoshop blending option for the layer:

    Drop Shadow:

    Opacity: 100%
    Drop Shadow: Angle 120 degree
    Distance: 2 pixel
    Spread: 0 pixel
    Size: 5 pixel

    All other settings at default photoshop value

    Inner Shadow:

    Blend Mode: Color Dodge
    Opacity: 53%
    Angle: 97%
    Distance: 5 pixel
    Choke: 0 pixel
    Size: 5 Pixel

    Inner Glow:

    Opacity: 100%
    Color: Black
    Source: Edge
    Choke: 10%
    Size: 4 pixel

    5. And we are down! Put it in front of a background or anything you want.

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    thank you:(:(

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    Default okay

    thats pretty cool...


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