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Thread: Ways to Prevent Gall Bladder Stones

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    Default Ways to Prevent Gall Bladder Stones

    Whenever one has acute pain in the abdomen, one suddenly starts dreading at the thought of gallbladder stones. Gallbladder stones are hard deposits that get accumulated in the gallbladder leading to persistent upper abdomen pain, indigestion, nausea, vomiting and overall discomfort. The main cause of gallbladder stones is an unhealthy diet as deposition of large amounts of fat is a prime cause of bladder stones. Given below are some ways by which you can prevent this problem.

    Since gallbladder stones or gallstones are a result of unhealthy diet, one can prevent the problem of avoiding certain foods in one’s diet. The basic rule- avoid fatty and oily food. This not only prevents gall stones but also enhances one’s overall health and well-being. Eat a low fat and a low cholesterol diet. Also, limit your intake of refined sugar. Also, avoid or limit the intake of animal fats and dairy products. This is because animal fats prevent the absorption of bile acids by the liver, resulting in gall stones. Along with deep-fried food, one should avoid hydrogenated oils, refined carbohydrates and stimulants such as coffee and alcohol.

    Preventing gallstones is not only about avoiding certain food items, inclusion of some healthy foods are also helpful. Lentils, whole grains, steamed vegetables, salads, sprouts, olive oil and fiber rich food items can help a lot. It has been found that inclusion of garlic in one’s diet can help a great deal in natural prevention of gallbladder stones. Along with diet, you should exercise to keep yourself fit and to keep your weight under control so as to reduce your risk of gallbladder stones.

    Follow a healthy lifestyle consisting of nutritious diet and regular exercise to lead a healthy life which is devoid of ailments like those of gallbladder stones.

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    What a helpful post. This will make people know how to prevent gallbladder stones. Because gallbladder stones is painful. Thanks for the post.

    Plan of Care

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    I have always believed that chronic diseases are accumulated from a small-untreated disease.
    Regular stomach cramps, indigestion, gas can lead to piles, gallstones, kidney stones. Our body gives small indications on how is the body getting affected and we need to notice these indications in order to avoid some big trouble.

    Instead, practice healthy food habits and healthy lifestyle that will definitely bring a big change in your health. Washing hands before and after meals, eating fresh food, using water purifiers to get purified drinking water, exercising, walking, meditating if started at an early age will improve your health and will keep you away from diseases.

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    Yes, Gall Bladder Stones are common cases in elder people but it affects young age group as well. It is important to follow a good life through little exercise, healthy food habits, plenty of water, and fiber in the diet.

    #Priyanka - Your suggestions are too good and realistic. I also browsed the Livpure website and I must comment that they have a very detailed site on how their water purifiers are and how they work and clean the water.

    I was amazed at the air purifier prices that were comparatively very low for a product with such good features.


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