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Thread: Effect of Divorce on Children

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    Default Effect of Divorce on Children

    You may have got fed up of your relationship and decided to call it quits. Signing of divorce papers don’t take much of time but it can have various repercussions which can lead to gaps and fissures which might take years and even ages to fill. The most serious impact of your divorce falls on your children for whom the entire world falls apart in a matter of few seconds. Research has found various serious behavioral and attitudinal changes in children which is a result of emotional setback caused due to parent’s divorce.

    You might end your relationship but it is your children who are the worst affected. There is an emotional turmoil in their life which leads to a permanent void in their life. Children of divorced people feel abandoned and alienated with a feeling that along with their parents being divorced, a separation and bridge has occurred in their life and their parents’ one too. This leads to different behavioral patterns in children caused by feeling of powerlessness and helplessness. While some children suddenly give up their spirit and vigor and fall into an isolated shell within themselves, many children develop aggression and anger directed at the entire world. They look at the entire world as hostile thereby shunning out the concept of love from their life due to the shattering of their hope and life in a matter of seconds due to their parents divorce. Many times children blame themselves for their parents’ divorce thereby carrying a feeling of guilt throughout their life.

    Along with behavioral changes and emotional instability, some children also react in serious manner like insomnia, destructive behavior and even tendencies of suicide and drug abuse. There is a deep sense of loss and despair in children of divorced parents and thus these children need lots of love, care and attention to cope up with this bitter experience of life.

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