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Thread: Harmful effects of excessive use of gadgets

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    Default Harmful effects of excessive use of gadgets

    Hey girls and guys do you excessively use your I-pods or cell phone? Well undoubtedly that gadget makes our life easier but thy also put us at risk of several ailments and health problems as well. So make sure you only make required usage of these technology products to keep yourself in fit and fine state.

    Do you know that earphone and Bluetooth excessive usage often leads to ear infections. The fact is that these devices often pick up bacteria and fungi. When inserted into your ear, the warm moist conditions there results in the development and growth of microbes. So make sure you timely clean your earphones and Bluetooth. Avoid sharing these items with others. If the ear infection gets develop, seek medical advice and take ear drops and antibiotics as prescribed by doctor.

    You will be astonished to read that people who use small keypads either for texting or playing games on the mobiles tends to overuse their thumb muscles. When excessive pressure is applied by the thumb, the tendon gets badly affected.

    Therefore itís better to switch to touch screen mobiles or cut down your SMSes. Instead make use of your landline phone to make calls than messaging. If you want some medical help, then you can take locally acting steroid injection targeting your tendon sheath. Even a minor surgery can be performed to release the constriction around the tendon.

    Whenever you try to balance your mobile phone between your neck and shoulder, the neck is abused. This causes a lateral deviation of the neck where muscles on one side tend to spasm, resulting in pain. Avoid this. Instead switch to hands free. Whenever working on computers for longer time, make sure you take break and perform some neck exercises.

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