Perfect Optimizer is the solution to your system registry errors. Perfect Optimizer enjoys the features of simple operation and power function, 100% safety and satisfaction guaranteed, update 1 or 2 times a month, 9 built-in toolkits compared with others only with 1 or 2, One-Click Operation with all problems off your PC, special design for the junior, mid and senior users, adopting the sub-module style to avoid the collapse of whole program.

Perfect Optimizer will help you scan system and application software to avoid system collapse, clean up junk files to release disk space, detect the trace coming from history to protect your privacy information let-out, optimize the memory after you close the programs, backup important files and programs in case of file missing, lower the errors of deadlock and blue screen and fully optimize your system to improve potential performance and efficiency.

One-Click Maintenance is a new spark of the Perfect Optimizer Registry Cleaner and it is specially designed for the new users. With it you can easily clean up registry errors, junk files and privacy, repair system security, ActiveX and IE browser, optimize system speed and service and directly get the license code through the software but not the website.

One-Click operation will take the guiding model and let the users choose the options needed to operate to optimize the PC and improve its performance.
Simple operation and power function is your choice, the choice of saving time and money, of repairing the errors and improving system performance. Perfect Optimizer is a very usefull application when it comes to keeping your computer without errors.

Features of "Perfect Optimizer":
Clean up junk files, release disc space, make the system run more smoothly and guarantee the safety. Every time you run or install program, temp files will be created on your disc without your knowledge. The files will take up a large amount of disc space and slow down the system speed.
It can not only find more than 50 types of junk files but also remove them without affecting the system in five steps. It is easy to use and it also includes a cookie cleaner and temp file-cleaning tool that can release hundreds of Megabytes of valuable disc space on your hard drives
Completely erase history records and internet traces and protect your privacy.
It has the following features such as cleaning temp internet files, URLs, cookies, cache, account and password, windows temp files, etc. It not only increases the system speed by removing unnecessary files and thus makes much hard disc space for use but also removes all traces of application software using.
It has an integrated fast memory manager which enables your computer work much efficiently.
You can decide how much memory needed when you optimize it. Also you can set the speed just like "fast" or "slow".
Use it then you can see the memory usage info such as physical memory, virtual memory and page file memory.

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