Sothink SWF Quicker is a fantastic Flash tool to make Flash based applications for your website. It can be used to create games, Flash videos, interactive animations, text effects, slide shows, etc. Sothink SWF Quicker is the only Flash tool that enables you to edit SWF. It provides features to edit ALL elements in a Flash movie, such as adding or changing texts, replacing shapes, assigning links, replacing sounds…

* Fully support importing or creating the movies of Flash 8 version. new
* Support applying Flash filters to add special animating visual effects to texts, buttons and movie clips. new
* Support exporting the movie as Animated GIF file and Windows AVI video. new
* Support importing various kinds of media types, such as *.ai, *.mp3, *.mpeg, *.avi, *.mov, etc.
* Provide Object Snapping, Pixel Snapping and Snap Alignment to align objects. new
* Fully support syntax of Flash ActionScript2.0 to control the animations.
* Provide an intelligent ActionScript Editor, which supports Syntax Highlighting, Auto Completion and Dynamic Prompt.
* Support specifying keyframes to generate tween animations automatically.
* A large amount of built-in animated effects can be applied to any symbols.
* Various built-in Flash Album, Banner, Navigation Button and Slide Show templates will guide you to create professional Flash arts easily.
* Support importing and editing SWF files and the EXE files compressed from SWF files.

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