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    Smile Some more great symbian softwares


    You can set up alarms and reminders on your smartphone and you will never miss any important thing or fixed time. Handy Alarm Pro software for Nokia N series phones supports alarms and reminders for any case.
    Also you can choose between 6 types of alarms and 5 types of reminders and many configurable settings with new Handy Alarm Pro.
    Alarms: next 24 hours, Once, Daily, Work Days, Weekly, Monthly
    Next 24 hours and Once – one time alarm type for specific time
    Daily - an alarm for everyday events (e.g. take medicine)
    Work days type allows to set an alarm for every day of your working week
    Weekly and Monthly alarm types are set for a specific day of week/month
    Reminders: Simple, Contact, Phone number, Voice note, From SMS
    Simple reminder with standard options (time, date, text)
    Contact and Phone number types remind you to call or send message to someone directly from Handy Alarm Pro notifier view.
    Voice note is an audio reminder: just create a reminder and quickly add a voice record to it
    From SMS: create a reminder from incoming messages (e.g. invitation to a party)
    Different ringtone type, volume and even vibration for every single alarm and reminder
    Advanced snooze capability (from 5 minutes up to 2 days) and auto snooze option
    Interval for repeated alarms
    Text note to any alarm or reminder
    Use alarms and reminders even when your phone is in silent mode.

    DOWNLOAD:- (N70/N72)

    DOWNLOAD :- (S60 V3)


    Handy Blacklist lets you to protect your time and peace of mind by keeping undesired calls off your phone. If there is someone you just don’t want to hear from, let Handy Blacklist keep that person off your phone!

    2 types of lists with different functions will keep unwanted calls hidden from your eyes. You have one blacklist and one or several Allow lists. Only one list can be activated at the moment.

    Blacklist contains numbers you want to be blocked. You can add numbers from recent calls, contact list or just by typing them. If you reject a call manually, the software will propose you to add that number to blacklist automatically! Blocking of Private and Unknown calls is also available.

    Allow list contains numbers which will be allowed to receive while others will be rejected. In addition, you can choose a "reject" action to return a prewritten text message back to the caller. A notification of the missed calls appearing in a popup note can be set by user as well.

    DOWNLOAD (N70/72):- N70/72

    DOWNLOAD (S60 V3):- S60 v3


    Handy Clock software is powerful world clock and time management application. 7 main views let you make different things with your time:

    Check time in five world cities at once with World clock view. It is very useful feature if you have colleagues, relatives or friends in different cities. Are they starting to work or going to bed? Don’t think - take a look on World clock.

    Learn what part of the day is in the city you need with Day-night map. Your current city will be in the center of this map.

    Plan more efficiently with Handy Clock application for Nokia N71. See two months at the moment with Calendar view. Continue planning even when Handy Clock is off with Calendar Screen saver.

    For more details visit: Handy Clock application for Nokia N71

    DOWNLOAD :- (S60 V3)

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