Handy Converter is quite simply a perfect piece of software. It doesn't do much, but that little is done without any flaw, inconvenience or confusion. Everything is where it should be, everything can be reached in less than 3 button presses, everything is clean, straightforward and easy to understand.

The software is a currency converter (hence the name) which shows you the 4 preferred currencies from the full list of 34 currencies on its main screen. You can type your numbers into any of the four entry fields to get a converted figure in the other three instantly. You can see the date of the last rate update all the time and, if you think the rates on your phone are out of date (as they will be), you can update them with the latest figures from the European Central Bank easily. It takes (literally) seconds, so having up to date rates is not only easy but cheap as well.


For N70/72 (S60 V2 Phones)
For S60 V3 Phones


Lock your smartphone keys when you don't use it. Set the timeout once and your smartphone will be automatically locked and protected against accidental pressings.

Set alternative keylock combination and lock your smartphone from any application, not only from Phone standby screen.

For slider phones (like Nokia N80):
Smartphone keys will be locked automatically at slider closing (without confirmation message).


For N70/72/90 (S60 V2 Phones)
For S60 V3 Phones