Hello there, im still in process of getting the posts needed to get website activated but have some questions about PhP forums.

I have set up a PhP forum with BizHat as want to have the guild website and forum under the one roof so to speak but have noticed that in Admin Panel I cannot import a backup from another forum.

Am i able to import in any way as saves me having to remake forum from scratch?

If not my next question is am i able to go to phpbb.com and download a forum which i can then upload to the website, link as an extension of the web address and be able to import my old forum myself?

Also being a world of warcraft guild, forum users will be linking gear the have had drop for them along with gear that they want. There are websites that provide a script that allows you to remote link to the gear so users see what it is when the mouse over a link. For example thottbot uses <*script src="http://i.thottbot.com/power.js"></script> minus the asterix at the start. Is there anyway to add the script line needed to activate this in the php forum?

Any help greatly appreciated