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    Default Diet & Nutrition


    I want learn about real life results on dieting
    the healthy way and keeping it off.

    I have personally lowered my cholesterol
    from 238 to 174 and lost 24 pounds in 3 months.

    Thanks for having me here.

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    Default Healthy Meal Plan

    Few days ago I was desperately looking for effective techniques to be fit, I tried dieting and exercise for flat stomach then one of my friend suggested me a healthy meal plan to get a sexy stomach as well feel better.
    For better tips & information about healthy meal plan please check out Healthy Meal Plan | How to get a flat stomach

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    It is some more bad things except cholesterol - different essential fatty acids eicosinods that regulate the following functions:
    Inflammation, pro and anti inflammation. Important in many diseases like heart disease, arthritis,. asthma, etc.
    Blood vessel contraction and or dilation.
    Immune response.
    Cell proliferation-very important in cancer.
    Mood control, depressed or anxious.....
    I found that it has connection with prostatitis:
    BPH, Prostatitis, CPPS and their relation to food we eating.

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