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Thread: How To Get Rid Of House Lizards

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    Default How To Get Rid Of House Lizards

    When there is a heavy population of creepy-crawly bugs dwelling in and around your home's premises, you cannot overlook the possibility of lizards entering the house. Like most of the other people, you would want to get rid of house lizards, feeding on insects, as soon as you spot them. This is because lizards are as repulsive as the nasty insects. There are a number of ways to keep lizards out of home premises. To know how to get rid of house lizards, by applying the best ways, check out the following lines.

    How To Keep Lizards Out Of Your House

    Bug Repellant
    Look for the areas in and around your house that are frequented by lizards. Generally, they are found in the places with the heaviest population of bugs. Since lizards feed on bugs, you need to get rid of the insects first, to keep them out of your premises. Spraying bug repellant will kill the insects, thereby reducing the number of lizards frequenting the area.

    Electric Lizard Repellant

    Another effective way to get rid of lizards would be to use an electric repellant. Plug in the repellant. When it is switched on, it will begin to emit a high frequency sound, which is not audible to human ears. The lizards will detect the high frequency sound easily and find it quiet intolerable. Eventually, they will stay away from the place, where the repellant is plugged in.

    Tabasco Sauce-Water Mixture

    Fill a spray bottle with water. Add two teaspoons of Tabasco sauce to it and shake the bottle well. Now, spray the sauce-water mixture in the areas where you often find lizards. Do this for a couple of days and soon, you will find your home to be free of lizards.


    Flypaper can be as effective in getting rid of lizards, as they are in case of houseflies. Keep the flypapers near the tube lights and bulbs, where you can find bugs. When the lizards visit these places, to feed on the insects, they will get stuck on the flypaper kept there and be trapped. You may then throw away the lizard, adhered to the flypaper, out of your house.

    Cardboard Box

    A bit of quickness will help you a great deal in throwing the lizards out of your house. As and when you spot a lizard, try to corner it. Once you have done this, trap it immediately, using a cardboard box and place a lid on it. Carry the box with you and release the lizard several meters away from your house.


    * Repair the cracks in the corner of the windows and doors of your home. This will minimize the chances of lizards entering your house, as they generally get in through small cracks and holes.
    * Cover your windows with metal screens.
    * Patch the small openings in your house with sealants, so that the lizards don't get through them.

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