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    There are certain table-setting etiquette that can be followed depending upon the occasion. You can plan and decide the things you wish to use on the table. Think of the items like dishes, glassware, porcelain, silverware, napkins that will match with flowers, floral containers and candle holders. In case, you are planning for a buffet meal, then you can collect platters and serving pieces depending upon the food menu.

    The next tip is to select proper centerpieces and extraneous objects for the table. You can give a personal touch by using floral centerpiece, fruit arrangements, architectural ornaments and other porcelain figurines. For creating a distinctive centerpiece, take a large glass bowl, fill with clear water and allow candles to float in the bowl. Add more style by adding colored floral marbles at the bottom of the bowl. Though these accessories make the table look elegant, do not overload the table with too many objects. The table will look crowded and there may not be sufficient place for the food, cutlery and other serving pieces.

    If the table is in a very good condition, then you can think of decorating it without a tablecloth. Otherwise cover the table; you can use a patterned shawl instead of using the traditional white linen tablecloth. For a formal evening, white linen cloth is always the best option. Drape the patterned shawl at an angle to the table in order to create a design. For casual party, a green or blue placemat will add color and texture to the table. Based on the tablecloth, you can choose the napkins, either cloth or paper napkins. Cloth napkins may coordinate more with the tablecloth.

    On the day of the party, you can arrange the tablecloth, centerpieces and other decorative items as per your plan. Let's talk about the table setting tips, the basic rule is to arrange the dishware as per the order of use. In simpler terms, start placing the dishware from the outside of the place setting.

    As a general rule (with few exceptions), forks are placed to the left of the service plate and knives and spoons to the right side. Dessert cutlery is always placed at the top of the place setting. Napkin placement depends on your preference, you can either place the folded paper napkins in water glasses (for common use) or place a folded paper napkin on the serving plate. This way, you can decorate the table in a simple and easy way. A well-decorated table can do wonders and turn an ordinary meal into a feast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by netfree View Post
    Think of the items like dishes, glassware, porcelain, silverware, napkins that will match with flowers, floral containers and candle holders.
    I loved your tips and the way you described it, do you think fine bone china dishes or hand painted ceramics can be used for the decorations? As far i think on special occasion, it is good to show some master piece like of hand painted ceramics, it will influence your taste on others.. well white linen or cream yellow linen can be used for as tablecloth, even for napkins i would prefer designer ones with some nice quotes on it. This way you can either greets or send your thanks to many...

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    You have given an excellent tips. This will help lot those who are searching for different ideas. Many of us now thinking for decorating their home uniquely. For those this will help lot.When the table is clean and beautiful everyone will love to sit their.
    Handmade materials gives enrich to the table and the fresh leaves. In this way you can decorate more.

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    Your tips are nice. And it is very useful.

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