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Thread: Malayalam films flounder in Kerala

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    Default Malayalam films flounder in Kerala

    Tamil and Hindi films have taken over the Kerala summer box-office while Malayalam films are floundering!

    Among the Vishu releases only Vinayan�s Vellinakshatram and Rafi Mecartin�s Chathikatha Chanthu are doing average business at the box-office. Mammootty�s Vajram after taking a good initial has fallen while Mohanlal�s Vismayathumbathu is a flop. Dileep�s Runway released last week is doing above average business but cannot be classified a hit.

    So what do the Kerala�s young audience do? They make a beeline to see Vijay or Shah Rukh Khan leaving Mohanlal and Mammootty behind. Films like Gilli and Main Hoon Na have taken an excellent opening.

    There are about 10 Malayalam films like Jalolsavam, Koottu, Campus, Mayilattam and others waiting to release but theatres all over Kerala prefer Tamil and Hindi films, which they find can bring in the young audience.

    And with the long drawn out battle between AMMA and KFC there is no hope of any settlement and shooting of Malayalam films have virtually stopped.
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    Default malayalam

    films in malayalam r much better tan many films in tamil amd hindi...culture wise


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