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    Smile Effective shopping tips

    Crowded mall, long queue, each one holding 3 to 4 piece of dresses for trial and taking at least 10 to 15 minutes for changing, your number is fifth or any, just think about your condition? You will be completely messed up and it’s very normal in such situation.
    And in that if something does not suit and you go for another dress then again stand for the same time in queue. Shopping can be a very tiring and frustrating chore if not aware of its some general rules or better to say tips. It is very easy to look for fashion that flatters you by following below written tips. They will help you to shop for classic and trendy dresses by making good use of your time.
    1) It good to go for shopping in afternoon as this time is less crowded. Also it’s wise to start shopping quite well in advance before the event.
    2) While going for shopping do wear little loose clothes that are easy to take off and put back on. Also avoid clothing having many buttons, tight collar, body hugging etc. It will help in trial.
    3) During trial do check your dress from all the sides how well it’s fitting you. Don’t be in a hurry that others are waiting outside as you have also waited like them.
    4) Go for clothes that make you comfortable and at the same time fit you well. Clothes hanging loosely on your frame appear you bulgier than you are. Then again too tight clothes also do the same. They are even worst as they show off your flaws clearly. Thus right fit is the only magic mantra to look good.
    5) Though your choice should be the final one but it’s good to take second opinion. Take along with you trusted friend about whom you are sure will give right advice. Or take your family member like mother or sister who has good fashion sense.
    6) Look for a style that flatters your figure. For that first know your body type and stick to clothes that look good on that type.
    7) Like right style right color of the dress is equally important. Choose color that goes well with your skin tone. It will make your appearance.
    Before stepping out for shopping always have an idea of how much you would like to spend. This will decide whether to step in costly salons or not.
    9) This point though need sacrifice of one day from office but proves very fruitful when you come back from shopping holding your dream dress in your hands. Taking one day leave on any weekday for shopping gives you ample time for searching. Try it out.
    10) Online shopping is on the top nowadays as most of the above written pointers do not apply to it. You can shop at anytime of the day despite of tension of crowd. No budget you have to set as while surfing you will find separate option to click for dresses of different ranges. You can sit along with as many trusted people you want. Thus online shopping is the best, go for it only.
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    I have frequently purchase goods from internet and this information much helpful to me to purchase products and service from internet. Thanks for sharing such a useful information in this thread. Today along with internet business online fraud and misappropriation have also increase so you have to be more careful while online purchasing and always purchase good from trusted sites.
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