Chirayinkil and Kazhakuttam lie at a distance of 30 km on the National Highway. An alternative link between the two urban centers is now being developed; and after the completion of a bridge on the near Perumathura, now under construction, the distance will be lessened by about 10 km.

In accordance with the provision of Kerala Town Planning and Improvement Trust Act, the City Improvement Trust was created in 1963 and the Trivandrum Regional Improvement Trust was created in 1976. Master Plan for Trivandrum came into force from 1967, and later a master plan for Chirayinkil which lies opposite to Kazhakootam across the river was published in 1979, as also an interim development plan for Attingal a close periphery of Chirayinkil.

Besides the Chirayankil local boy has formulated a draft memorandum for Perumathura, a growth point located equidistant from both the centers, to serve as a satellite township which will act as the counter magnet for the mother-city but will be a self-contained community. It was published in 1985.

Similarly, the Master Plan for Trivandrum came into force in 1968. With gradual development and stratification of urban units followed by outgrowing character or rural pockets, the City Improvement Trust have been converted into a Development Authority and the Trivandrum Development Authority since September 1, 1983, in accordance with the provision of Kerala Development Authority Act 1982. The above development authorities deal with implementing planning concepts, act as sole entrepreneur for the use of land in the existing land schedule, and operate the Town Planning schemes.

When considering the present developments in Real Estate Trivandrum Development Authority has major say in either permitting a real estate project or scrapping an on-going project in its entirety citing various environmental and other reasons. Sanction from the Trivandrum Development Authority is thus not an easy proposition.