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Thread: Here are a few tweaks for you XP users out there...

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    Default 101

    Performance Tips (1-12)

    Turn off or reduce system restore to save hard drive space
    Altering page files
    Clean out prefetch folder
    Set priority for individual programs
    Cleaning up unwanted startup programs
    Defrag your hard drive
    Disable unnecessary services
    Disable the Disk performance counter(s)
    Turn Off Windows Indexing service
    Increasing desktop Graphics Performance
    Check and set the DMA mode on your drives
    Smooth out your mouse movement
    Useful Tips for WindowsXP (13-30)

    Resize screen fonts on the fly in Internet Explorer
    Mouse Sonar
    Quick back and forward commands in Internet explorer
    Mount a new hard drive as a folder in your C: drive
    Enable clear type
    Create a keyboard shortcut to a folder or program
    Use remote desktop to connect to your PC from anywhere (XP Pro only)
    XP Powertoys
    Backing up or transferring your email manually with outlook express
    Running legacy software in Windows XP
    Compressing files and folders to save space
    Open explorer window from current command prompt directory
    Using Quick Edit in the Command Prompt
    Select 'No to all' when copying files in XP
    Bypass the recycle bin when deleting a file
    Create a link to shutdown your PC
    Hosting online games through the Windows XP firewall
    Rename multiple files simultaneously
    Security, privacy and recovery tips (31-44)

    Use the Windows 2000-style secure logon screen
    Hiding shared folders with $
    Using advanced file security settings in Windows XP Home
    Create a password reset disk
    Applying a password to the 'administrator' account in XP Home
    'Rolling back' a faulty device driver
    Disable simple file sharing (XP Professional only)
    Using the Windows XP firewall
    Turn autocomplete off in IE
    Using the Windows XP repair installation process
    Add, Clear or remove the 'my recent documents' menu
    Creating a desktop shortcut for locking your computer
    Giving a password to the 'Guest' user account
    Use system restore when you cannot boot your system normally
    Customizing Windows XP (45-58)

    Stop Windows messenger from running
    Run command prompt utilities successfully from shortcuts
    Remove the XP desktop theme
    Change start menu style
    Add my computer and other missing icons to your desktop
    Change the picture in the welcome screen
    Add items to the 'Send To' right click option
    Automatically run programs when starting Windows XP
    Create a screensaver from your pictures
    Modify autoplay for different types of CD
    Different folder types with XP
    Using 'my computer' as a toolbar
    Enlarge and resize the quicklaunch bar
    Disable desktop cleanup wizard

    Stopping desktop ad popups
    Displaying hidden files and folders
    Convert Your drives to the NTFS file system
    Formatting a hard drive partition larger than 32 Gigs with FAT32
    Finding your IP address and other information with IPCONFIG
    Update your machine automatically
    Logging in as the 'Administrator' account
    Update your drivers
    Check your PC for spyware and other nasties
    Show the quicklaunch bar
    Locking the desktop
    Using the Windows Scientific calculator feature
    Accessibility tools
    Set a new home page in explorer
    Remove the annoying dog from the search screen
    Change the look of your mouse pointer.
    Email attachments are the most common vector for viruses.
    Keyboard shortcuts
    Set monitor refresh rate
    Set power options
    Creating shortcuts
    Create passwords for all your user accounts!
    Registry tweaks For performance (81-93)

    Backing up and restoring the windows registry
    How to edit the windows registry (before other reg tips)
    Keep Windows operating data in main memory
    Disable the DOS 8.3 naming convention to save system resources
    Stop the 'last access update' from taking up system resources
    Clear the Page File (virtual memory) when shutting down XP
    Get Rid of XP's annoying balloon tips
    Adding additional Icons to 'my computer'
    Speed up the Start Menu
    Display message on startup
    Set the default download directory for Internet Explorer
    Change the size of thumbnail pictures
    Opening a Command Prompt to a Particular Directory from Explorer
    Miscellaneous registry tweaks (94-101)

    Disable error reporting on program crash
    Automatically close non-responsive programs
    Permanently bypass the recycle bin when deleting files
    Show administrator account on welcome screen
    Enable/Disable Active Window Tracking to Mouse Movements
    Launch Programs at Login Without Using the Startup Folder
    Force windows XP to reboot upon crashing
    Disable admin shares

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    nice tricks ... but can you explain the very first one which is about ram ... im not able to get the "DisablePagingExecutive"
    and ather one also .... canexplain where are these

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    Quote Originally Posted by aacollections
    nice tricks ... but can you explain the very first one which is about ram ... im not able to get the "DisablePagingExecutive"
    and ather one also .... canexplain where are these
    Why can't you find it ? I had no problem finding it. Just follow the steps.

    May be you missed one.

    GREAT POST by the way.

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    jaipur ,INDIA

    Default More Tweaks

    this is to insert your own pic in the system info box.

    -- Picture

    1. Make a bitmap thats about 175x175px
    2. Name it oemlogo.bmp
    3. Copy to \\windows\\system32

    -- Text

    1. Open notepad and type in the text below and add your text after the \'=\'

    [Support Information]

    You can make more lines if you want...

    2. Now save as oeminfo.ini into \\windows\\system32

    Done :-)

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    This is the kind of tweak you will probably find on your own, but still, some of you may not find it right away:

    1. Click Start
    2. Right click on \'my computer\'
    3. Choose properties
    4. Click the \'advanced\' tab
    5. See the performance section? Choose settings
    6. Disable the following:

    - Fade or slide menus into view
    - Fade or slide Tooltips into view
    - Fade out menu items after clicking
    - Show shadows under menus
    - Slide open combo boxes
    - Slide taskbar buttons
    - Use a background image for each folder type
    - Use common tasks in folders

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    This tweak is for the advanced PC user, WinModify is not responsible for any damage, tweak at your own risk.

    To edit the start button text:

    1. Go to your windows directory.
    2. Backup Explorer.exe and name it something like explorer1.exe, put it in the windows directory.
    3. Get a free copy of a Hex editor on a freeware site.
    4. Open up explorer1.exe in the Hex editor.
    5. Search for strings named Start

    This is what you need to edit:

    Windows XP (enhanced start menu)
    Offset: 0x000412B6 - 0x000412BE

    Windows XP (Classic Start Menu)
    Offset: 0x0004158A - 0x00041592

    Windows XP SP1 (Enhanced Start Menu)
    Offset: 0x0004208E - 0x00042096

    Windows XP SP1 (Classic Start Menu)
    Offset: 0x0004259A - 0x000425A2

    Start will be just before this \'There was an internal error and one of the windows you were using has been closed.\'

    6. Now you can edit this text and give it another 5 letter word.
    7. Save it
    8. Open up regedit
    9. Go to:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Winlogon]
    10. Search for the value named Shell and make it equal to explorer1.exe. than save.
    11. Restart and your done...

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    earpit u shared a simple but very nice idea
    thanks for sharing

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    Description: Registry tweaks to accelerate Windows XP
    rply for more or less.

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