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    Director- Akku Akbar
    Cast- Jayaram, Padma Priya, Baby Nivedita

    Hats off to director Akku Akbar, for a brave and bold film which is different at the same time entertaining. Moving away from the moribund family formula, he has pushed the envelope. Few films in recent times would make such an impact as Kana Kanmani does. It's a genuine effort and the best thing about it is that it is evident in its every frame.

    Roy (Jayaram) a Christian and a successful architect and Maya (Padmapriya) a Brahmin girl are happily married and live in a cozy luxury apartment, with their little daughter, Anakha (Baby Nivedita). One fine day on the insistence of Anakha they go for a short vacation to an old bungalow where they had lived before in a remote hill station and soon, certain strange things start happening in their lives. However, we won't play spoilsport by revealing the plot!

    The subject of the movie and its treatment is different with comedy dominating in the first half and a mix of horror and suspense in the second half. The film is a strong cry against abortion and speaks for the right of the unborn child. The message in the movie is that the couple should not have aborted the unborn child once conceived.

    Director Akku Akbar and scenarist K Gireesh Kumar come up with an engaging thriller which can send a chill down your spine, even without the mandatory screeches or excessive melodrama. They succeed in conveying a noble message, regarding the casual way in which married couples approach an issue like abortion, without any preaching or tiring speeches.

    Jayaram is marvelous as he blends comedy and seriousness to his role and Padmapriya play her character as the anxious and guilt torn mother with the required emotions but it is Baby Nivedita who steals the show with a scintillating performance. This cute little girl is the scene stealer, simply adorable and uses her eyes, smile and mannerisms with remarkable ease, perhaps more like a seasoned performer.

    The rest of the cast including Nedumudi Venu, Vijayaraghavan and Sukumari does their parts quite impressively. The comedy scenes involving Suraj Venjaramood is a relief to the narrative in a great way. Vipin Mohan's visuals and Shyam Dharman's music are the other highlights of the film. One of the major highlight is the state-of-the art graphics and special effects.

    The film is actually a remake of the director’s Hindi film “Gauri- The Unborn” Still, one gets the feeling that things could have been even more interesting, if it was a little more crisper. But since it succeeds in making an important point, the few flaws may be overlooked.

    It is the kind of film that you will find hard to get out of your head, even after you leave the cinemas. It has the power to prompt us to look into some of our thoughts and beliefs, especially if you are already married or plan to get hitched in the near future. Now, isn't it a nice thing if a film can make you think for a while, even when it keeps you entertained? Watch this one, for sure.

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