This is basic guide for new players who don't want to spend lot of time with game. Most romans are not good at raids. They depends on resource production from the village to grow. Growing a roman account is difficult in early stages of the game as roman troops are costly and all the farms will get emptied by active Teutons in the area. Mostly you will get few attacks from aggressive neighbors in your area even if you are an active player.

If you are not raiding good or getting attacked, make new village far from your first village, where no other players are settled. If possible find a location with 15c and good number of oasis. With travian gold club, it is easy to find 15c with 150% crop bonus. This way you can grow slow and steady with out worrying about incoming attacks. By the time travian started placing new villages near you in map, you should have grown many villages, so you can easily farm these villages and grow more powerful.

Your second village must be a normal village (6c or 7c). It is better take 15c as 3rd or 4th village, still it depends on if anyone else in the area is going to take that 15c. If you are far from populated area of the map, you have time to make 2 or 3 villages before some one else can settle near you.

Village Placement

Settle all villages near to each other whenever possible, if your villages are far from each other, it is not easy to defend. So from your second village, try to make villages like cluster.

Culture points

Culture points are very important, make Town Hall in all you villages and have small or great celebration on all your villages when ever possible. Also upgrade all buildings in your village to highest level, make sure you have Embassy on all villages. I used to make 2 Granary on all villages as you will need them when you need to defend some attack on these villages.

City Wall give great defense value, in case of Romans it is 81%, so not upgrading city wall to level 20 is foolish.


Don't make troops in every village. All offense troops must be made from one village. Defense troops can be made from one or two villages. In village where you make offense troops, you should upgrade troops in Blacksmith. For defense troops, upgrade them in Armoury. This make your troops more powerful. Since defense troops can be combined, you can make troops in any number of villages, but it is better to do it in one or two villages, that have Armoury/troops upgraded to level 20.

Troops are very important in travian, you should build troops in Barracks and Stable all the time. This is not easy, but if you do that, you will be more powerful in the game. But first priority is making resource fields, only spend rest of the resources on troops.

Growing New Villages

Once you settled a new village, always upgrade resource fields and main building. Main Building make upgrade time faster. So give it high priority, upgrade Warehouse and Granary as needed to store resources. While you upgrade resource fields, do the resource bonus buildings. Only build buildings that are very important until you finish upgrading resource fields.

Hope it helps :)