Actress Kajol, now busy tending to daughter Nysa, says actor-husband Ajay Devgan is a far better cook than her.

She said this at the launch of a store called Kitchen Concepts in Mumbai. It was a rare occasion as the media got to meet Kajol and sister Tanisha along with their mother Tanuja.

"The most that I can cook is salads - but that too I manage to overcook and spoil!" Kajol told IANS.

"I think I love being fed and am happy to have good cooks like Ajay and mother-in-law who take good care of me."

Also, while Ajay loves country music, Kajol prefers light romantic music. But what she most likes is reading books.

Kajol still has her sense of humour. This was evident when she asked a radio jockey why he was wearing sunglasses indoors. "Is it sunny in here?" she asked him, causing much laughter.

The much-loved actress has done very few films since her marriage. But she says: "Right now it is Nysa who keeps me busy, so I'm not missing movies so much."

She considers acting a hobby and treats it as a form of art.

"I'm being offered many roles and I keep reading many scripts, but I'm in no hurry to sign any films right now. I will only do movies that are very special to me," she insisted.

So will she be taking up good friend Karan Johar's next film? "I have not yet confirmed if I will be doing his films but, yes, he is a dear friend and I love working in his films," she said.

One of her movies is soon expected to become one of the longest running Indian films.

Kajol's moment of glory was when she took the nation by storm along with Shah Rukh Khan in Aditya Chopra's maiden venture, "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge".

As the simple and lovable Simran, who meets her true love Raj on a trip through Europe, Kajol brought to the screen a quality of freshness and charm that seemed long forgotten in the age of mindless onscreen violence.

"It is fabulous to know that the movie is still running for more than 450 weeks! I feel great when the advertisement appears in papers regularly," she said.