Move over, the Simrans and the Jyothikas, a new star has emerged on the Tamil film firmament.

Yes, we are talking about the comely actress Kiran, who hogged the limelight with Gemini.

The runaway success of Gemini saw the producers and directors literally making a beeline to the actress.

Then came the film titled Villain in which Kiran did a glamorous role. The movie raked it in at the box office, catapulting the talented girl to top heroine status.

What caught the audience imagination in Villain was a sexy number she did along with the film’s hero Ajit.

So impressed was Ajit with her performance in the film that he has started recommending her to the directors and producers.

So, comely Kiran is firmly set on the path to super success, much to the envy of the current reigning queens who feel threatened by the chirpy exuberance of the young actress.