You all probably know me by now and I am a Head leader of Clan Websites Community For Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings Trial And I am currently hosting about 3 Clan Websites: Please visit them If you have a chance

I have a new Theme for making the Official CFE-Clan Theme because I know it expresses us and I know we are very inactive but the song has times of boom and times of sadness. I chose this song because it fits us perfect because we had our best times and our worst times. so if you guys have a chance please listen to this song.

We have this song as our theme for Expression of our clan and for the great success of Michael Kamen who died from a heart attack November 3rd 2003. We are doing this in his honor of Orchestral Success. :D


<link=" http://ancient.bizhat.com/themes/CFE-Main-Theme.mp3 "></link>

There will be atleast one Upgrade a week. Look at Intro of N4IJ4 Web to see fixes. www.N4IJ4-Clan.azn.nu