This particular piece of information may go a bit hard on barely recuperated Leander Paes. But what the heck, we have to be honest.

Get ready...

Towing the popular line (obviously...drawn by Mallika Sherawat), Mahima Choudhary has grown quite bold as well. So much so that she doesn't mind getting frisky with the man double his age on screen.

Anupam Kher is the man who'd be thanking his lucky stars because you don't see supporting actors like him even getting a full length role, leave aside a lip lock. In a UK based Spice Team Entertainment's production 'Chess', Kher plays a middle aged man with a youthful wife, played by Mahima.

The film has consistently remained in headlines due to the intimate scenes involving two. When last heard, Mahima had actually given a few kissing scenes also and according to the onlookers THEY WERE HOT!!!

Are we talkin' about the same girl, who created much fuss about the whole issue when his mentor, Subhash Ghai asked her to kiss in her debut film.

But we don't blame Mahima either. Riding on the trail of disastrous films, the poor girl had little choice. After all, who'd not want to shed the JINXED tag. We wonder if the Censor Board chief would snip his own smooch on screen.

By the way, sorry Leander, for the heartburn we just gave you! No hard feelings na....