This guide is to build your support villages efficiently. Support villages are used to supply your hammer village or other villages as needed.

Resource Fields

Resource field upgrades are very important, level up resource tiles as fast as possible.

Try to keep resource fields equal.

Once you have level 3 crop fields, make one 5 and make Grain Mill.

When other resource fields are at 6 to 7, upgrade 1 to level 10 and make bonus buildings.

Upgrading Buildings

Main Building

Your first goal is to make Main Building level 20. To do this, you will need to build Warehouses and Granaries. But only build them only as needed to get Main Building upgraded.

Hero's Mansion

Only if you have an oasis near your village and you want to occupy it.

Warehouse and Granary

Upgrade both of them to level 20.


If you want to settle next village from this village, make it level 10. If you have enough CP, do this before finishing warehouse and granary.

Trade Office

Build Barracks, Academy, Stable, etc needed to make Trade Office, upgrade Trade Office to level 10.

Town Hall

Upgrade Academy to level 10 and build Town Hall. Upgrade it to level 10 or more as needed.

City Wall

Now your village got many valuable buildings, we need to protect them. Build City Wall and upgrade to level 20.


Is very good in producing culture point, build it and upgrade to level 20. It is cheaper to build. In long term, it is cost effective than party in Town Hall.

Now you do anything you wish, i will upgrade Academy, Stable to level 20.

Note: This is for Tribe Roman, may work for others too.