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Thread: What JavaScript Implementations are Available?

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    Default What JavaScript Implementations are Available? hosts two JavaScript implementations. The first ever JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich at Netscape, and has since been updated (in JavaScript 1.5) to conform to ECMA-262 Edition 3. This engine, code named SpiderMonkey, is implemented in C. The Rhino engine, created primarily by Norris Boyd (also at Netscape) is a JavaScript implementation in Java. Like SpiderMonkey, Rhino is ECMA-262 Edition 3 compliant.

    Each JavaScript engine exposes a public API applications can call on for JavaScript support. By far, the most common host environment for JavaScript is web browsers. Web browsers typically use the public API to create 'host objects' responsible for reflecting the DOM into JavaScript.

    Another common application for JavaScript is as a (web) server side scripting language. A JavaScript web server would expose host objects representing a HTTP request and response objects, which could then be manipulated by a JavaScript program to dynamically generate web pages.

    For more information on embedding JavaScript in you own applications, follow either the SpiderMonkey or Rhino links below, or visit us on the netscape.public.mozilla.jseng newsgroup.

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