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Thread: How To Decorate Your Dining Room

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    Default How To Decorate Your Dining Room

    Romantic Dining Room
    This kind of dining room works well with newly married couples or nuclear families that stay away from the proximity of their family members. It can gel well for the romantic candle night dinner after day’s work, reflecting the artistic side of the couple. You can have elaborate chandelier/s with ethnic or modern candle stands. You can also feature the ceiling with decorative pattern and paint the color red with sober white tint, to make the room feel romantic and special.

    Modern Dining Room
    Modern dining room works for the classy and chic generation that does not like too much clutter and wants to make everything look ultra dynamic with the stylized pieces. Chrome and glass form the magic ingredients with innovative and sober pieces for decoration. You can select from the wide range of dividers available in the market, like glass, hangings, and waterfall, to give it an edge over others. You can have stylized furniture in the room, but keep it as minimal as possible. The beauty of the room can be enhanced with stylized ceiling down lights, to focus on the table properly.

    Glamorous Dining Room
    Glamorous dining room suits the profile of only those individuals who have the capability to handle it. The room demands extra care. Have a look at the pictures of various glamorous dining rooms of the celebrities and take an idea of how things should work out for you. Now, take the help of a professional interior designer (if you wish) and blend different ideas popping up in your mind, to decorate the room. You can choose from the long chandeliers, lots of glass and a dash of gold for the same. Lighting should be done in a way to make the room look alluring, but don’t overdo it.

    Traditional Dining Room
    Traditional dining room works well for the people who host a lot of parties at their home. The dining table, in this case, is the most important factor, as it needs to be bigger than the usual, while keeping in mind that there has to be enough space to walk around. Pick one color, like cream or yellow, and use different shades to mark an impact. The traditional dining room is supposed to be for formal gathering too; hence, it needs to be sophisticated, giving the entire house a royal presence.
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    Yep, I love the suggestion and the pink color dining room. I am sure that this color of Dining room will apt for newly married couples.Bar stools are great in kitchen it will occupy the own place.

    Bar stools , Bean bags
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